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    Here’s a technical question. Is the antimatter fired in a stream, as a projectile, or contained within a projectile? Because I would think that if it’s not held in an EM field after it leaves the barrel, it would just interact with the air it’s passing through and detonate. Or is it just hand waved with the usual magic and bullshit explanation?

    Because while I can understand the use of antimatter weapons in the (mostly enough) vacuum of space, the idea of firing it in an environment filled with ordinary matter strikes me as unwise. What does the antimatter only annihilate on contact with normal matter of the same element? That is to say, for example, does carbon only annihilate with anticarbon and no other substance, or will any ordinary matter react explosively with any antimatter?

  • If it’s anything like other, non-food distribution, then they’ll have their own in-house barcode system that cross-references whatever barcode system was used by the shipper and/or manufacturers (or packers or w/e). It’s kind of silly IMO that there’s no uniform inventory control system for everything one could possibly buy, sell, exchange, or transfer.

    But companies have spent decades putting these systems together piecemeal, often using stupidly expensive proprietary software that doesn’t know how to talk to any other software. So they’re sure as hell not going to back out on the sunk cost fallacy now and invest in a whole new significantly more efficient system that will save them more money down the road. After all, corporate executives don’t plan on sticking around in any one position long enough to bother with long-term planning.