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  • This is Cambodia now – logging, poaching, mineral extraction, turning lakes into land and destroying rivers, as well as exporting massive amounts of sands. There are systems in place where (officials) exploit the environment for profit and our group has been doing as much as we can to stop these unethical projects and protect the environment – and that is why we are a threat in the regime’s eyes.

    Sand extraction may sound like a strange thing to be concerned about, but beach sand is a key ingredient in concrete, and is a dwindling resource that can’t be replaced with desert sand. The extraction of this essential material is driven by urban development. The irony is that much of this sand is going to China, where entire ghost cities are being built, left empty, and then demolished, in order to goose their economic reports.

    Vietnam and Cambodia are different countries separated by mountains and language, but they have a lot in common. One of the similarities is that they are both seen as cheap sources of construction-grade sand. One of my favorite SLRPNK posts is this story shared by @wanderingmeomeo in ! - about how a small community of people living on the river banded together to stop sand pirates destroying their home in the face of government indifference and corruption.

    Cambodia is probably following Vietnam’s lead in cracking down on environmental defenders like Hoang Thi Minh Hong.

  • At the last family reunion, my mother and I were in charge of making all the food. We spent 3 days getting all of the groceries, and stacked fruits and vegetables in the family room, filled the bathtub with ice to keep the meat, and stacked the drinks in the garage.

    We fried the meat, boiled the noodles, mixed the salad, and cooked the chili. The entire counter and range were covered in pots and pans. Most of the intermediate cookware had been rinsed and was in the process of going through the dish cycle while we were setting tables out in the yard, when my Mom realized she hadn’t made any red pea soup. Her brother was flying in from the island for the occasion and she knew it was his favorite. The bag of peas had hid under a couch pillow, and we missed it while making the rest of the meal.

    We didn’t have enough time to wait for the cleaning cycle to finish, so I dumped out a shallow stainless steel flower vase and put that over the flame. There was no time to soak the peas, so my mom just mixed them raw with the broth, yams, carrots, milk, and spices, and then transferred them to a clean bowl once the cycle was complete. The soup didn’t look right, though. The peas and broth are supposed to have a full ruddy color, but the result was a much darker red like a beet.

    When uncle arrived he was really pleased to see we’d kept him in mind, but after the event was over and everyone had gone home, we found a pile of wet peas dumped behind some bushes. I learned a very important lesson that day: Those who make peas full-red solution in posse bowl, make violet-red solution inedible.