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  • 08 reddit was vastly different than 12 reddit which was vastly different than 16 reddit which was vastly different than 20 reddit which was vastly different than 24 reddit.

    For what it’s worth, they’re all terrible in their own unique ways. Aside from a brief window some time after 16 but before 20, during which bots and hate speech were both heavily moderated. Except in conservative spaces, but there’s no polishing those turds.

  • No. Unequivocally no. This might make sense on its face but it misunderstands Batman at a fundamental level- Batman is a hero who cannot make sense. He is severely mentally ill and craves change physically and instantly wrought by his own two hands.

    If a CEO were doing something outlandishly and visibly evil then they might find themselves on Batman’s radar, but exacerbating wealth inequality is just not something Batman usually cares about. Would it make sense for Batman to do something about it? Yes. Absolutely. Would the crazy 100 kg gymnast dressed like a giant bat, who has made a nightly ritual of shattering the spines of impoverished criminal dockworkers do that? No.

    Now daredevil, daredevil might find himself beating the ass off a shady Manhattan CEO. But daredevil is sane, reasonable, and goal oriented and Batman is just not.

  • I want you to imagine an indestructible box filled with all the world’s comforts. How do you craft it? How do you procure the materials to craft it? How do you search for the means to find the materials to craft it? Hard questions without a simple solution.

    Now I want you to picture a decently sturdy box filled with some neat stuff. And now I want you to picture yourself bashing it to pieces. Pretty doable, right?

    It’s easy to break something of value, it’s near impossible to craft the invincible. Especially when half of your team is actively bashing.