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  • The US has the clean water act - correct.

    “at least my lakes, rivers and water ways are all clean enough for me to use”. - very, very wrong.

    Many of your waterways are so polluted that they regularly catch fire and are linked to higher cancer rates

    Then there’s “The country most famous for the bidet trend is France and currently swimming in the Seine is still looking impossible”,

    which, if we

    1. ignore Japan

    2. pretend fecal matter is only unsanitary if you clean yourself with water(incorrect)

    3. and follow your implication that because bidets were popularized in one country, part of a single river in their country is historically dangerously polluted(incorrect),

    makes as much sense as

    “The country most famous for TP is the US and currently the Mississippi, Ohio River and Savannah are and will be polluted for decades to come, plus the Cuyahoga river and also US drinking water catches on fire sometimes.”

    How about

    “If my infrastructure is so shitty”

    No “ifs” about it, American infrastructure is crumbling. Your power grids regularly fail and are vulnerable because of their age, your bridges are collapsing, people can’t easily travel the country because of undeveloped mass transit, your health care system has failed its population, and you can’t house or feed even your veterans, let alone large parts of your population.

    Those are all direct evidence of a critical failure in US infrastructure.

    “Also, stable government??” Putting aside that your standard for stability is

    “our government has been so stable that it has changed for 240 years.”(I have no idea what you’re going for here),

    Your corrupt presidents, senators, congressmen, governors and citizens regularly cry out for secession and civil war, regularly attempt to defraud your electoral system and literally attempted a violent coup to overthrow your governmental seat of power just three years ago.

    Trump, liable for rape and treason, constitutionally prohibited from running for president, might be re-elected, despite his admiration for and aspiration to emulate authoritarian regimes(and so many other faults).

    Not the picture of stability. The picture of instability, in fact.