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  • It’s all about what sort of group you’re playing with. I run a group for some kids at my school and I know they would be heartbroken if I just straight up killed them.

    I’ve only had to do this once though. I made it a lesson about caution. The player was being reckless, and they ‘died’. Seeing how distraught he was, I decided after the encounter, that the other players should roll for a perception check, and noticed the character still breathing slightly. It was nice to see the kid perk up immediately afterwards.

  • As long as you’re not going super hardcore, I don’t see the problem with just letting the truth of the dice decide whether a character receives a ‘fatal’ blow, only to find after the combat encounter that the character is barely alive, and the rest of the group needs to focus all their resources on triage and emergency evac.

    Getting out of a dangerous place with a barely conscious character can make for a pretty tense situation.