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    shrines bad

    Most people agree with you there

    To the geological formations and all, it’s just nice to explore them. For me the fun about them weren’t potential rewards, but for the purpose of exploring itself, but I get that it’s not for everyone I don’t think the world is empty though, there are plenty of nice sidequests, easter eggs and items to find, especially if you haven’t read any guides.

    not really Zelda games.

    They are, but Zelda games have changed due to better technical possibilities, ooc wasn’t anything like the 2d Zeldas for example

  • Piracy, some people buy 3 streaming subscriptions for 50€ a month just to watch one show.

    Also depending on where you live you could take the supermarket advertisement magazines, they are free and if you live in an area where you can walk to your nearest stores it can actually save some money

    I also know an old man who sells vapes, cigarettes and alcohol to kids (he couldn’ save up enougth for a good retirement). You’d be suprised how much 12yo actually pay for a vape you can buyat every store for 10€. He once told me he get’s his products from our cheap neigthbour country and only pays ⅓ of what he’s charging.