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  • I think that it’s not whether Starmer wants to rejoin or not, it’s more that it’s reflective of political reality. Britain is now seen by the EU as an unreliable partner, and to repair that reputation will easily take a couple of decades. A start-stop attempt to rejoin, where Labour initiatives are reversed at the next change of government, would be as damaging as Brexit has been. There needs to be a recognition from at least the two largest parties that rejoining the EU is in Britain’s interest. We’re nowhere near that point, despite the fact that Brexit is now recognised as a howling teratoma by at least a small majority of British people.

  • And yet many countries with PR still have crap governments and bad policies. You’ll never have a perfect system since you’re still expected to choose one party, but there’s a large number of policies and issues to address, and the odds are that no party gets the mix correct for most voters. It’s a one-dimensional system to implement multidimensional politics. So quibbling over the particular metric to use to allocate seats along that single dimension is missing the larger problem. Something closer to direct democracy might be better, but that requires an engaged, disciplined and educated electorate.