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  • Maybe because the '90s weren’t that far from the 70’s when Wall St was far more regulated, almost nobody needed two jobs just to eat, housing was affordable on one wage in a family, businesses actually seemed to care for their employees (with training and good wages) and union membership was strong.

    20 years later was shit, after Reagan and Thatcher fucked the worker and deregulated everything … because we remembered how it was before.

  • Blaming one cohort for what is happening is myopic at best.

    The fact is this dystopian outlook is what got Trump elected in 2016 … because politicians failed to see that people were fed up with the status quo and wanted change. Now 8 years later it is still the driving reason.

    Without hope the people perish. Without hope of a better future, people give up. Without hope of affordable housing and food people waste away.

    Without hope …