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  • In a ruling Monday, Cannon said the appointment of special counsel Jack Smith violated the Constitution.

    “In the end, it seems the Executive’s growing comfort in appointing ‘regulatory’ special counsels in the more recent era has followed an ad hoc pattern with little judicial scrutiny,” Cannon wrote.

    So she wants a judge to say an investigator can be appointed to gather information to take to a judge?

    This is obviously just some Sneeches bullshit. You could just as well argue before it can be brought to a judge, an investigation needs to be done to gather evidence.

    So I guess more like chicken and egg.

  • This was your first comment…

    “Tired old man does things any human would do if they were tired, is he fit for office? Never mind all the gaffs that previous republican presidents have said or done, including the other guy, who said let’s inject sunlight directly into the veins, or more recently went on an incoherent rant in the middle of a rally about airports, and is also a convicted felon and rapist. Let’s focus on word fumbles”

    I mean, if you’re getting the microscope out to dissect this candidate, might as throw the other one on there as well. But then the press wouldn’t be fair and honest to their god king and overlord, his holy orangness of poo.

    Your response to an article about Biden, was “what about trump tho?”

  • So everytime someone talks about Biden, they also have to talk about trump?

    What about 3rd party? Do we have to talk about them too?

    What about other options? Should we talk about the next best option for every party? Why just them? Why not the top 10 potential replacements for each party? Top 100?

    Why aren’t we talking about the domestic price of mangos on Tuesdays?

    telling only one side in a story is not an accurate representation of history.

    Insisting every time someone mentions Biden they also talk about trump just doesn’t make any sense.

    If that’s honestly what you believe, then you’re never going to accomplish anything. Everytime you’re a part of a conversation you’re just going to detract from the conversation.

    So if that’s what you’re about. We’re done here.

  • I can say good things about Biden. I think Biden’s positions on most issues (except Israel) and his administration are fine.

    Hey, if we just ignore the ongoing genocide Biden unequivocally supports and went around Congress to supply munitions to…

    His policy is “fine”!


    Like, bruh…

    The only thing you specifically mentioned was the bad shit

    You literally didn’t say a single good thing about Biden, even when you apparently just put a non-zero amount of thought into coming up with a single good thing…

    That doesn’t concern you at all about the quality of candidate?

  • They played a clip while I’m waiting for the press conference, and honestly?

    This one wasn’t that bad.

    He realized it almost immediately, and came up with a rebound. It wasn’t a good recovery, but it’s better than him just wandering off after it.

    If it was a normal candidate we’d laugh about this one, and there’s a lot more important things going on.

    Quick edit:

    That being said I could have sworn this was supposed to start at 6:30, I don’t know if the Putin comment has changed anything, but he’s not coming out so far.