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  • Regressives only give to people selectively. The statement above reminds me of the Sikh family that moved to my hometown in the early 80’s when I was a kid. They came to take over a gas station that one of their family members had recently bought. They were the only sikh in town. All kinds of names thrown at them like towel heads, sand n*****r and so on. A unofficial but damn near complete boycott of the gas station commenced. Their kids were treated like shit at school by nearly everyone bar the Catholics who were mostly Hispanic. I was eye witness to that part. The station was not making enough money and rather than ask their family for help they finally reached out for help feeding their kids to a local food bank that was christian in everything but name but were rejected. They however stuck it out and finally after thirty years or so sold it to a regressive couple who promptly ran it into the ground after embezzling lottery money.

    The only family from India who owned both motels were treated fairly well, to their face at least.

    So go on tell me how giving regressives are.

  • I didn’t think it was doing anything for the first two months. Then I went three weeks without it. Since I couldn’t get united health to pay for it and the psychiatrist was out of samples. During that time I noticed that I couldn’t keep on task as well as I had. I still lose my keys in plain site and leave my lunch at home on occasion but not nearly as much as I used to. Just like all the rest its no miracle cure but since I can’t take any stimulant based treatment its much better than nothing.
    As to the side effects I haven’t had many. No insomnia if taken in the morning. No headaches or no more than normal. No nausea or vomiting. Perhaps a bit of constipation but easily manged with a change in diet. The lack of appetite is a plus for me.

  • Doesn’t matter whats said. I have the choice between a guy who stutters. A condition that doesn’t affect intelligence or mental faculties in any way. Or I have the choice of a convicted felon who has clearly only cares about himself the/to the point of mental instability.

    I’m voting for Biden. Not because he is the best person for the job but because the alternative is a complete fascist shit show with all of his ignorant bigoted sycophant regressives willing the destroy the country. Not to return it to what it was in the past. Instead they seek to create some fantasy dictatorship that never was.